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094 | Tuning for Nitrous Oxide

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094 | Tuning for Nitrous Oxide: Only issue is that this webinar is teaching on a stand alone ECU. But how is it on an OEM? They don't have outputs (assuming) to control the solenoids. The kits I've seen have their own separate controller. So how would the configuration and tuning affect the performance of a daily driver?

Well that definitely makes things more difficult. It's hard to give you a one size fits all answer since your options will depend on the specific engine you want to add nitrous to. If you're dealing with a wet nitrous system then in theory you shouldn't need to worry about the fuelling side as this is taken care of with the nitrous system. What you need to do is retard the timing when the nitrous is active. This can be done two ways but both require the ability to alter the factory ECU mapping. The first is to simply retard the timing tables so that the timing is safe when the nitrous is operating. Of course this is a bandaid fix since you'll now be most likely making less power when the nitrous isn't active. The second way is to trick the ECU into making the appropriate changes to the timing. On the LS engine with HP Tuners for example you can interrupt the IAT sensor when the nitrous is operating which then allows you to manipulate the IAT timing tables to get the timing where you need it to be. This may not be possible on every system though.

Your last option would be to use a high octane gasoline based fuel that allows you to run the nitrous with the stock timing map without any danger of knock. Hardly an elegant solution but it's one that I know people do use.

Yeah I had a feeling about that. I was thinking of the use for a G37 engine.

Not too sure if there are workarounds for this using the likes of nistune but you could definitely deal with this via custom maps in ecutek software.

Could there be any changes in what the MAP detects when a Wet Nitrous is activated? Perhaps this could trigger a temporary retard to the ignition. By the way, I'm using Uprev.

I'd be very surprised if there would be a change in MAP detectable when the nitrous activates, and certainly not enough to be useful for what you're wanting to do. I'd suggest emailing Uprev as they may have an option that they can offer you for how to deal with this.

Thanks Andre.