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106 | Converting an Engine to EFI

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Great webinar, thanks.

Just to share my experience with EFI conversion, SBC.

The distributor trigger did not work well for me. I had all sort of timing drifts and sync issues. I changed to missing tooth crank trigger and worked well. One thing is to be aware of with the Holley crank trigger kit. The shims supplied with the kit to adjust the air gap are not sufficient. In my case, I had to fabricate aluminum shims to get the air gap within specs.

The hardest part I encountered is building the ignition table from scratch. Getting the optimum timing curve for each load and rpm rows in the table is a challenge.

Have you seen Mike Noonan's book (How to use and upgrade to GM Gen III LS-Series Powertrain Control Systems) on converting older engines to GMs Gen 3 system? It has detailed examples covering a few engines including but not limited to the SBC.

Michael_AU : No I have not seen that book. The engine management system I used is an aftermarket, Haltech.