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120 Selecting a Suitable ECU For Your Application

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Hi im looking at buying a stand alone ecu for my car but plan to upgrade or change the engine to something different later down the track, will I be able to reconfigure the ecu for the different engines that I may end up with or will I be stuck with that set up once its programed for it?

For example I currently have a straight 6 engine id like to practice tuning on, then later ill add a turbo for experimental purposes, then eventualy when funds permit id like to swap in a v8 or something different, so if I buy a ecu capable of running the v8 can I run it on the straight 6 for now and then when I move to the v8 will I be able to still use it for that or will I be stuck with the straight 6 setup and then need a new ecu for the v8.

Ive narrowed down my search for a ecu (still open to suggestions) to either a Link or Haltech if that helps with the answer at all.

Thanks so much for any help.


Nathan both of these ecus can be reconfigured for any configuration engine the Link ECU is highly regarded because of its high input and output pins and user-friendly functions nexus is Haltechs top of the range ecu and dash in one but comes with a price tag of around 5k,

Link ECU has many to choose from and is my personal favorite as its configurable CAN flexible to other brands of external add on modules and cheaper for the features and reliability, service and tech support, and NEW ZELAND made

Regards Ross

[shock] Ross, you spelled our country wrong!

As Ross said, some may have limitations, but by purchasing for what you reasonable expect to use it for, in future, avoids any hardware limitations. For instance, some may have a hard limit for six cylinders and have limited I/O, so if you're looking at a V8 later after learning, you need to purchase something that has the I/O for 8 cylinders. You may want to run supplimentary, full sequential, injectors, so make sure that can be accomodated. Some don't support DBW, so if that's in your future plans...

So, I'd suggest making a three column check list of things you will definitely need, things you definitely won't need, and things it would be nice to have but aren't essential. Note, with reflection, a lot of those may move into the first column as it's much easier and cheaper to have them available and not used than want them and have to upgrade to get them.

That said, some may offer software, or hardware, upgrades for a price.

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