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135 - VNT turbo control

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I am wanting to purchase a GT2256V VNT turbo or similair and fit it to an older non-ecu diesel engine.

I have found heaps of information for people that remove the electronic actuator and just fit crude wastegate or vacuum actuators but I intend to tune it electronically. In the webinar it was mentioned that there is a bridge between the electronic actuator and the M1. I am after more detail about wiring the electronic actuator. Specifically pinouts and the type of signals the VNT actuator requires (PWM, etc).

I intend to use a $10 microcontroller to communicate with the VNT acuator rather than spending thousands on an ECU just for VNT control.

I am a graduate mechatronics engineer, experienced with microcontrollers, control theory, wiring etc. I know it will be involved. I have searched a lot of forums but when fitting VNT turbos to older vehicles everyone removes the electronic actuator and opts for a mechanical one. This webinar is one of the first times I've seen someone successfully interface with an OE electronic VNT actuator.

Any help is much appreciated

Sorry I don't actually have any details on the interface box. The MoTeC ECU we're using is a plug n play option for the 1KD and as such I didn't have anything to do with the wiring of it or reverse engineering the VNT control.

Some of the actuators just require a simple PWM to them, others need an H-Bridger, others communicate via LIN or can-bus