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Would an exhaust venturi be a worthwhile addition to a turbocharged daily/weekend trackday car's AOS? What would be the ideal way to setup a venturi on a port injection+DI engine and/or a DI only engine?

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As I recall, they are intended to reduce crankcase pressure in NA engines, rather than act primarily as a breather. If you have a well designed, true venturi it will draw out the crankcase gases BUT if you are using any form of muffler and full length exhaust, you may find it's restriction is actually causing the pressure to be higher than in the crankcase.

You 'might' gain some degree of scavenging if you had a particularly low restriction exhaust and well designed venturi, but I would be a little surprised. Might also be an idea to use some form of flame arrestor in case there is enough fuel being drown out into the exhaust to ignite?

If you try it, please post the results.