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#204 trying to rescale MAF as in webinar.

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Backstory: Im trying to rescale factory MAF on "06GTO (aka Holden Monaro). I installed a "Hardcore ColdAir Intake" tube and also did some mild portwork. My GM E40 ECU is slightly different then the one used in the webinar, but contains pretty much same tables with the same names. I modified only the tables he did and I was still registering STFT in the Scanner. I went back and maxed out "O2 readiness ect" and that seemed to work.

my first problem is my "EQ error" histograph is reading 43%,

that value is reflected in the MAF err chart I created (like Simon did in the Webinar), but only in one cell. No matter the rpm, airflow, etc. it only registers in the 1000hz cell.

now I know that number is bogus, especially at idle, so I created a user defined math using my Innovate WB signal/commanded Lambda to try to bypass the ECUs data and the WB Lambda err reports .57 even tho the raw data from the wideband says my AFR stay around 14.7

any ideas?

Hi Jesse, it sounds like you possibly haven't added MAF frequency as a PID in your channel list. You need to add any parameters into the channel list that you want to log into a histogram. This should sort out the histogram not logging into the current cell. Just make sure the histogram is moving around as the MAF frequency changes.

As for the math channel I'm not too sure what is going on there? The very first thing to confirm is that the AFR or lambda reading from your wideband makes sense. From here there are two predefined error math channels to choose from - AFR error or EQ error, depending whether you're working in lambda or AFR. Obviously the units must match. Alternatively you can define your own custom match channel but it shouldn't be necessary.

I never could get the EQ error maths to work but my wideband input is on my HPTuners module not my ECU so i paralleled the signal from my Wideband controller to 2 diff inputs. Used the 2nd as a Lambda ref(rather than AFR),used THAT as a parameter in a user defined and just copied the EQ err formula. It seems to be working correctly.

Added MAF freq PID and changed the MAF err graph to reference my user defined EQ err and it also seems to be working correctly.

hoping to actually get some tuning done tomorrow

Thank you very much. I can figure out the formulas to make all this jive, but navigating the software has been the biggest learning curve (that and trading manifold vacuum for MAP)

Glad to hear you've got it all working now. best of luck with the tuning.