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#209 - Compressor Surge

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Hey Andre, quite a specific situation question but on my R32 GTR Skyline Its running the standard twins and I can actually get it to go into almost continuous surge by running in a low gear (2/3rd) and driving around mid rpm which im guessing is also peak torque I can back off the throttle, not completely but there is a sweet spot where the pigeons start to fly. chu chu chu chu chu chu chu at about 1hz. I do like to play the game of how long I can get the surge chu chu train to last. Yes not great for the thrust bearing turbo but im changing them soonish anyway.

Hmm as I write this I think the answer has dawned on me. Is this simply a matter of the stars aligning and at that rpm range and throttle opening the turbo is going past the surge line?

My other curiosity is at higher rpm and gear shifts sometimes it 100% vents by the BOV's sometimes its 50/50 BOV's / Surge, sometimes 100% surge. It has the factory twin BOV's and Ive checked the "vac" hoses running to them and all in good condition. is this likely just a case of 30years old BOV's being abit sticky?


hello you nailed it first go not just sticky but also weakened spring also 30 years old

Regards Ross

Thanks Ross, I'll have to see if new springs are available and give them a good clean out

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