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211 | Tuning open loop boots control

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I am wondering if you could shed some light on an issue I have with electronic boost control on an 4g63 mivec engine with a ball bearing 20G turbo.

This particular setup uses the Turbosmart 18psi wastegate actuator and I have tested boost control with an manual boost controller and I am able to get to my boost target of 30psi.

My Ecu is a Haltech Elite 2500 , and I am using open loop boost control with no corrections to make it as simple as possible while I set it up.

Solenoid Frequency is set to the default 33hz.

To being with I decided on using a 2d table to see where I would start to get into the area which I would want to be at.

As I start to add duty cycle there is not alot that happens from 0-36% so well above the dead band which you mentioned.

in that range I see boost rising from 140kpa to about 160kpa.

But when I set it to 37% I actually overshoot my target alot and boost cut which is set at 230kpa kicks in , looking at the logs I see that boost goes to about 260kpa.

The solenoid I am using is plumbed like this port 2 is to boost pressure , port 3 is connected to the wastegate and port 1 is venting to air with a filter

Is this kind of sensitivity something you run across and should I try to manipulate the boost control using a 3d table where I decrease the duty cycle as I get closer to my target.

Or do you believe that I have an issue with my solenoid or something else.

And as a side node , would it make sense to test my solenoid with a pressure source and a meter ?

Hello there is a great video on haltechs website on setting up the boost control but testing the boost controler is working correctly would be a great idea

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