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213 | CAN Terminating Resistors

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Hi, I am setting up an AEM display and CAN sensor module that specify 120 Ohm termination resistor, but I also want to add a non-AEM product that specifies 100R. Can I just use 120R at both ends for all these nodes, or what is the proper way?

I've never had to stray from from a 120. These are your friends:

DTM terminating plugs

The 120 ohm resistors are just a good catch all. If you wanted to get fancy you'd know the network's characteristic impedance and use a sympathetic impendance resistor but thats super overkill for vehicle CAN.

I've found that the 100R and 120R terminating resistors are interchangeable. Some manufacturers call for one and some for the other. It's tough when you're using different components so I normally make all my terminating resistors 120R.