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217 | Idle Tuning HP Tuners - GM/HP Tuners

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This is my first inquiry so forgive me if i am not following the proper protocols.

When it comes to Idle tuning can you please explain the relationship between the Base Running Airflow - Idle Airflow table and the Main VE - Primary table. I understand how to setup a histogram to tune the Idle Airflow table as you have demonstrated using the MAF in the video and I understand what role the Overspeed and Underspeed tables play in terms of reeling the RPMs back within spec if they go over or drop below the desired Setpoint however I may be overthinking things as the role of the Main VE in idle tuning has me perplexed.

A little about my vehicle. 1974 Chevy C10 truck with a stock 2001 4.8L LR4 with 4L60E transmission. As stock as you can get on a swap, except for fuel tank/sending unit/fuel pump/fuel filter and not using the stock air filter/air box housing but a cone filter instead (still using the ugly black plastic intake snorkle though to keep the MAF/IAT in the right place, ha ha).

You could think of the base running airflow table as providing a starting point for the idle speed control before closed loop control takes over. This is often referred to as a feed forward table. It is defining the required mass airflow which is then internally converted into a throttle position target. This is irrespective of the VE table or MAF calibration which needs to be optimised to provide the correct fuel delivery in the idle MAP/RPM or mass airflow range. Hopefully that clears up any confusion?

how is one to tune the idle on a 2bar sd setup only thing i could think of was dynamic air floe but that dosnt show realistic numbers or maybe with LTIT not sure the procedure n that tho

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