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223 - Dry Sump Systems - Blow by issues

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As the scavenge stages in the dry sump pump is capable of creating a vacuum in the crankcase by pumping air as well as oil, under high boost when the crankcase is pressurised by blow by, the scavenge pumps must be delivering a lot of the blow by mixture to the reservoir tank. Wouldn't this reduce the reservoir tanks swirl properties to remove the air from the oil? One scavenge stage might be getting a lot of oil and another only blow by, both are pumped/forced together down the one pipe to the reservoir. Doesn't this force blow by with all it's contaminants (water, exhaust gas etc) into the oil, contaminants that hopefully would normally have left through breathers into catch tanks but now is forced to mix with the oil?

While you're correct that a lot of blow by gasses will be evacuated into the dry sump tank, this tank is specifically designed to separate the air and oil so it's not an issue. You'll also have no more or less contaminants in the oil as a result of a dry sump system as the blow by gasses in a wet sump system are still directed into the sump where they're free to mix with the oil mist in the crankcase.

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