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226 PMU configuration..

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Hey guys,

Sorry in advance if this is a stupid novice question but why did you wire the fuel pressure sensor from the PMU and not the ECU itself? The fact is it a constant 5v supply, were you out of 5v outputs on the ECU or did you think that the 5v would be more consistent from the PMU or something??

Also, the reason im asking, from following all you online channels you guys do suffer from fuel pressure sensor issues on days out? I know from your videos that you keep finding loose connections and bad securing of the connector but do you think possibly that any of your issues are from the PMU itself or maybe its configuration? And that maybe if the fuel pressure was done through the ECU along with coolant temp, oil pressure, etc that you may not have issues??

Im just curious to know why only 1 critical engine sensor is going to the PMU ans not the actual ECU??

Thanks in advance..

Shane O'Farrell..

Not answering for Simon but the power source for the sensor doesn't matter. It can come from ECU, PMU or Dash, as long as its a 5v. It can be a case where the ecu is out of 5v sources, or a case where you choose to group certain sensors on one 5v source and another set of sensors from another 5v source. Its all down to wiring preferences and availability. Eg. Engine Position Sensors on 5v Source (1), Engine Oil Press, TPS & MAP grouped on 5v source (2) and Coolant Press, Fuel Press grouped on 5v source (3)

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