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226 PMU - PWM function

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Hey all

I do run a PMU16 and i love that device. However, I am having difficulties to understand the PWm output configuration. I do run two BOSCH fuelpumps and I want to run them on low duty cyle when engine load is low and on high duty cycle with higher loads. But I dont understand how to use the DC control relative to engine load / map or RPM.

Any hint or example is appreciated :-)

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This isn't a function we've personally tested yet so it's hard to give you solid advice and it's not overly well explained in the manual. What I'd read from the situation is that you'll need to generate a channel from the ECU that varies from 0-100 which corresponds to the duty cycle the pump will be run at.

Thanks Andre for quick reply

Agree - the manual could be more detailed.

It should be a channel that refers to a condition or math function. Easiest would be a constant value that changes with map threshold..

did this now via table function and give it a try

Following up on this - I'm looking to confirm if the PMU 16 will allow the control of an output based on MAP and rpm. Anyone know if this is an option? If so, do you have a screenshot you can share?