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229 | Engine Break in oil choices

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A bit confused here as which oil to choose for finishing the break-in. The first break-in in dyno gives us about 80% from the whole break-in process, we have an oil change and we should still run mineral oil to complete that last 20%. However as I also understand, we can already start doing our dyno pulls close to maximum power. Doesn't mineral oil now include a risk factor when we start to run close to our maximum power levels on dyno pulls? Full synthetic race oil on the other hand won't help us to complete the last 20% of the break-in process.

I personally will continue to run the engine after the first oil change on mineral oil but as I explained in the webinar, I don't use run-in oil but instead choose a high quality mineral oil that can support the engine operation (there's nothing specifically wrong with mineral oils and the better ones do a great job). I'll usually do the remainder of the tuning and perhaps the first outing with the engine on mineral and then swap to a full synthetic. This might represent around 100 km of further running. That being said, many people will swap to a full synthetic at that point and not see any issues. i tend to be a little more cautious even though in reality modern rings and honing techniques make it hard to mess up the bedding in process.

Hi Andre

What brand and what viskosity do you use ? I mean like ,, 20W50 ?

Best regards

The viscosity is going to depend on the engine so there's no 'one size fits all' rule here. For example a cam control engine will need a thinner oil to allow the cam control to function properly compared to a non cam control engine. The oil weight ultimately will be a function of your bearing clearances. Brand is a very personal thing and as long as you're using a known name brand oil you probably have little to worry ab out. In the past I've used Motul, Penrite, and Castrol with good success.

Sorry , should be more precise , what oil do you generally use for first start up on a new built engine , not after initial start.