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233 | Haltech Elite Transient Fuel Tuning

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I have a question regarding the strategy for transient tuning, when you come from a fresh map.

I think it's a bit of a chicken or the egg like dilemma.

In the webinar andre told as to use the "enrich amount (sync)" table to use with pseudo VE values and use the Enrich table to apply these values by "transient throttle percentage" vs "transient throttle enrichment load derivate".

But how can you calculate the values for "enrich amount (sync)"? These two tables too strongly linked to guess values



may i resurrect the question?

This is still not clear for me. How do I start when the enrich amount and the enrich rate are zeroed.

To tune the enrich amount table I need a tuned enrich rate table



if no one here can offer advice, you will just have to make a guess, or ask the ECU tech support folks for a recommendation.

Funny That this comes up again. Bastian, with a fresh map i found that if i imported a table from a basemap you think is close engine wise, you can log the everything in the way that was shown in the webinar. The elite series also comes with a lot of help notes on deck in its file folders and in the ESP software. I found that the most important part was getting the main setting for the Transient throttle set up first without the use of the disenrich and async tab. You then would go through logging the procedures at idle first and see what the afr and feed back from the wideband do at tip in during idle. Make not of the transient throttle derivative and dead band rate (decay) and enrich rate. then adjust accordingly. once you are happy with said task at idle i would then proceed to get it rolling on the Dyno and repeating the process. I hope this helps as i struggled tremendously for a while with this on my MY11 sti on the Elite 2500T. However once it is setup well i can tell you that my spool up time and throttle response are quite crispy and the afr's transition nicely into boost areas of my map.

One little note is that there definitely seems to always be a slight lean tip in no matter how much tweaking i do but it is very brief. im talking Milliseconds here before it goes lean 1.05-1.1 lambda to transitioning down to .80-.78 lambda.

I also forgot to mention that on the Haltech Elite, Please do check your Values in the sensor properties for filtering as too high of filtering will dull the response for the TPS-D and TPS scale as well as the RPM-D. These settings make a tremendous difference. Especially on a DBW setup.

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