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241 Tuning for elevation change

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Greetings to all,

I have a doubt, I have seen in some cases, that the tuner uses only the barometric sensor without mounting a MAP sensor to develop his maps with a Marelli SRA-E ECU. Is this methodology correct?

Thank you very much!

I tuned a normally aspirated Judd V8, that was setup for sea level, Alpha-N mapping (no MAP sensor) to run at 5000 ft (1500m) It had a Barometric pressure sensor, but there was no compensation. I added the normal (half the air, half the fuel) linear compensation, and the tuning was spot on.

So I would say using the Baro sensor without a MAP sensor is totally workable for a normally aspirated engine. I can't see how you could have forced induction engine without a MAP sensor.

Thanks for your quick reply David. I forgot to specify that I have only seen this in normally aspirated engines.

Grateful to learn from all of you!

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