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249 - ECUMaster Cold Start Tuning

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Just thought I'd mention this but at the end of this webinar someone asked if they were any simulators to use to learn on engine tuning. Not sure if the person was referring to something similar but there is the JimStim from DIYAutotune which can replicate an engine to be used to play around with your ecu to learn the software or to test other things you want to without having to use a phyical engine.


Just thought I'd share as I am using an EMU Black as well as alot of their other devices like dash, PMU, solid state relay, keypads etc and using the jim stim to mess around with them to get used to the software to understand how it all works together before I go ahead and install it all in the vehicle.

cool thank you

Is it functioning same as elite ecu tester from haltech…?!

What’s the deference between them? And which one you prefer..?!

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