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302 | Electric Water Pump Control

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Thanks for another good webinar guys!

I was wondering if you (and others) could share some data from an electric water pump in action - would be good if you could see an overlay of duty cylce, or on/off state, how the temp rises, and if you see any changes over a race as everything gets hotter?

I've had this on the to do list for a while, and it would be good to see if it's just running flat out in racing conditions, or if you have periods, such as following another car where it'll be fully on, but once you get clean air it'll drop down again.

Here's mine,

Cold day (11 to 14c), Honda K20a, Davies Craig EWP 115 controlled by Link ECU via PWM (Solid State relay) at 100hz.

Was a sprint day, so 3 hard laps from standing start, no real traffic.

Incar footage here:


Here's the duty cycle table configuration


And here's the logs


Note: I'm still working through issues with it, I have to much cooling capacity and keeping it hot is hard,

in this run my radiator ducting got limited to 50% of original when it bent at high speed which actually helped keep the temps up close to the target.

Thanks Ben. Pretty interesting, had a look at your other thread too.

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