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324 | Introduction to WinOLS

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Hello HPA,

and a big thank you for introducing us to WinOLS, and also indicating that there will be a course on it. Something I've been looking for, quite some time now. :) Thank you.

Until the course is complete, here's a few questions re. the webinar.

- Why did Andre not show a 3d representation of any map? Is this driven by EVC instructor, as a maybe wrong approach to map searching, or just a choice for this webinar? Asking because with us enthusiasts who are scavenging the internet for WinOLS information, we've been told to look for 3d patterns along the 2d patterns.

- Andre showed us a Driver's Wish map (if I was the naming authority, I'd call it torque demand, but it's stuck online as driver's wish) on the Bosch MED (petrol) control unit. How comparable is that to a Bosch EDC (diesel) unit?

- Will the official course cover the diesel ECU derived maps?

Thanks again guys, keep up the great work.


Great content, currently i been using alientech tools and ecm titanium software since 2016, very interested to use Winols.

Winols software opens full potential of the oem ecu.

I hope winols content carries on and good explanation from Andre what Winols all about.

Thank you HPA team

Hi Rijad, personally I find it really difficult to find maps using a 3d view as the chances of having the width and alignment correct for a given map is almost impossible. Certainly once you've defined a map then viewing it in 3D is valuable and perhaps I should have shown that. It's also much easier imho to offer sample map shape screen shots in 2D that people can then use for pattern recognition.

I dislike 'drivers wish' as a term, however as you note, it's kind of stuck so we went with the flow. Torque demand or torque request makes much more sense. The EDC torque request is similar but they use actual torque as opposed to relative torque in the z axis. When the course launches we will have ME/MED and EDC support in terms of explaining the logic flow of the controllers. The course will launch with an MED 9.1.5 worked example and we will be adding an EDC worked example shortly after. The Winols course covers how to use winols to find and define the maps, as well as how to use it to make tuning changes, but we don't cover the actual tuning process in this course. Instead we are including winols worked examples in our practical reflash and diesel tuning courses.

Well that is great news, thank you so much! Looking forward to it.

Thank for answering my questions Andre.

Hi Andre, no, I did not sleep and yes, you did an excellent introductory video on WinOLS!

I am extraordinarily looking forward to this course, even more if it covers Diesel and Petrol. Very good video and I leave here my congratulations.

Thank you very much!

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