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Webinar #38 very helpful. Working on Accel Enrichment. Link G4+, setting idle, stab pedal to full throttle, AFR dips but as the AFR recovers it ramps up to in to 16's then settles to 14.7. 16's seam a little high based off the behavior of your idle example in the webinar where it appeared to stay below the target AFR after the event then would gradually migrate back to the target idle AFR. Would I play with the Accel decay time to adjust the recover AFR down?

If you are simply using a throttle stab with the car stationary then it's very likely that you're entering into over run fuel cut after the initial accel event when you come back off the throttle. This would cause the AFR to track well initially before dropping lean. Log the injector output or over run state to see what's happening. If it's not over run cut, then yes, reducing the decay may help you.

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