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Adjusting ride height

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Following on from watching the video- "Adjusting Ride Height Using Coil Over Suspension"

Honda S2000

Thinking outloud abit here, I've disconnected the anti roll bar as well as removing the spring.

I get jacking the car up until it hits the bump stop.

Then to check droop do I just let the wheel down and see how far it goes? I don't really get how you limit droop.

Usually droop is limited by the strut in a road car, a lot of the off road type buggies, truggies and trucks will also use a droop limiting strap to prevent damage to the pistons in the shocks at full droop.

As Steven said, it will be limited by the damper, which in a strut is internal, bump stops as sometimes found on 'wishbone' designs, or some other mechanical limiting device, such as a strap/loop.

Hi Najuad, as the guys have said above, the droop is controlled by the travel of the damper. This is not adjustable without modifying/replacing the damper unit itself.

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