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CAN BUS and 039 | Configuring engine protection strategies using an AEM Infinity

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I noticed digital error flags associated with the protection modes. Can, or have you used these flags over CAN BUS to notify the driver of the particular type of fault mode. I will be using the AIM MXL2 (and Race capture telemetry ) on the CAN BUS and would like to pass my Fault modes / types via the can bus and display a fault note if the flag is set to true.

Can this be done with the AEM infinity platform?

Thank you


The CAN bus data for the Infinity isn't end user configurable, however fortunately they send a huge amount of data across the CAN bus by default, including the engine protection status. I don't use the AIM product much so whether you can utilise this status bit will depend on whether AIM have a complete CAN template for the Infinity, or if you can alter any pre defined CAN template to add new parameters.

The full AEMnet CAN protocol can be found here: http://www.aemelectronics.com/?q=software-aemnet/aemnet-can-protocol

I am also trying to read my fault codes, sometimes called error codes or P Codes from the ECU and display on an AIM system. I was hoping to use your new CANbus course to look for the CANbus signals associated with these codes, but don't have a way to cause all of the codes to come on and look for a change. Wondering if anyone else has had success in interpreting the CANbus signal to flag these codes while driving?

The AEM CAN protocol decoded by your AIM system (either using the standard ECU driver, or by making your own custom CAN setup - requires a Race Studio 3 configurable device), is documented in the AEM documentation. No need to guess or simulate anything.

Here is the Infiinty manual: https://www.aemelectronics.com/sites/default/files/aem_product_instructions/Infinity-ECU-Full-Manual.pdf

The CAN info starts on pg 262.

David - Appreciate Response, it would be great to get a bit more detail as this is my first time reading values off a CANbus... I have the RaceStudio 3 software, the car is actually a BMW E46 M3 (2002-2006), and I have the PCodes (BMW calls them Fault codes) in my service manual. My core question is how do I identify the address of the codes on the CANbus when I can't force the values? I understand once I know the address, how to read read the PCode and convert to the appropriate Reason Code. thank you.

Sorry, this thread is about the AEM Infinity ECU. You should start a new thread instead of adding to one that is 7 years old

It's just confusing.

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