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Can flat shifting work in a drift car

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Im wanting to set up Flat shift in my 2jz drift car with a 4 speed gforce dogbox, i have a clutch switch wired to a di input in my link g4 extreme aslo via a on/off toggle to disengage the clutch switch if im not wanting to use this feature. my question is will having flat shift engaged have any effect if im needing to clutch kick? or are there parameters that can be set to avoid this issue? my thoughts were to use a short time so when clutch kicking there will only be a short window where the flat shift comes active?



Hi Mitch,

I think you will end up with the issue that when you clutch kick it will enable the flat shift cut and you won't be able to rev the engine.

Only ways I can think of doing it would be having your flat shift activation TP% At something like 90% so you must be over 90% for flat shift to work, then when you clutch kick just keep your foot below this threshold. Other ways would be having a momentary button on the steering wheel to engage or disengage the clutch switch.

Having a short time I think you will still find when you need to quickly clutch kick you will have too much of a delay. Then when you go to flat shift your cut will be too short and unable to disengage the dogs and change gears.

Ideally you would be better off being able to fit a strain gauge or switch on the shifter. The Link G4 (Unlike the G4+ or G4x) can not take a direct strain gauge reading so needs an Analogue to digital converter which can be used to enable flat shifting instead of the clutch switch.

Cool very helpful info, I was also thinking another way could be to set the rpm activation around 6200rpm as it’s unlikely to need to clutch kick at higher rpm then this, would flat shift still activate if clutch kicking from say 4500 to 6500 rpm? As the clutch switch will already be active before 6200 so no change of stat would be detected at that point ? I only plan on using flat shift between 6700 and my limiter are 7000 rpm


Yes that is another way to do it and have the activation RPM higher than you want to clutch kick

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