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This question came to my mind after watching the 'CAN Decoding' Webinar. So I am going for an ECU Master EMU black standalone ECU with my VQ35DE 350z. Would it be possible to implement a CAN template to work out the cruise control system ?

There is very little CAN involved in the cruise control system in the 350Z. Most of it such as cruise switches, clutch, brake, TPS, etc is all hardwired direct to the ecu. The only thing you will need off the CAN bus is a wheel speed.

The EMU doesnt even have cruise control though does it?

Thanks @adam for coming across, yet the EMU dorsnt have a cruise control. i was wondering if the cruise control function in the 350Z is a complete separate module or control unit just just communicates with the ECU for the throttle input.

No it is all done by the ECU.

Oops! :/

Alright many thanks mate

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