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hey guys,have you had any experience with OE throttle bodies shutting off on their own? specifically on a k series honda application,im seeing a complete closing of the throttle at high rpm while app is still at 100%.using the standard OE tb as supplied on my 2012 honda civic si. Have gotten around the issue for now by using rubber gaskets between tb and manifold.But i would like to elimanate those.Currently using a motec m150 so i can pretty much run any tb out this a honda thing or a dbw quirk? thanks for any help

Theres' plenty of reasons for this. If you're on an M1 you need to start by making sure you're using a proper characterisation for the DBW throttle body. Many tuners will make their own characterisation which may or may not work. If this isn't right then you're going to waste a lot of time and end up very frustrated. You can have MoTeC do this characterisation for you through their dealer network.

Assuming you have a valid characterisation then next up you need to be logging the diagnostic channels for the pedal and throttle body as this is going to tell you why the DBW is being shut down. We had this exact issue on the weekend in our Toyota 86 race car. It turned out that if you're super enthusiastic with the throttle pedal you could exceed the APP open voltage that was used during the calibration process. in turn this put the DBW system into fault. It was as simple to fix once I saw that as resetting the offset and scale for the APP.

thank you andre!!