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E85 Tuning the ghetto way

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So I was watching the ethanol webinar and I'm very pro E85 but my ecu wont allow me to change the fuel properties,

I only have access to injector size, engine size and ve table

Which one am i better of modifying into tricking the ecu to give me more fuelling?

Btw adaptronic E420C is my ecu

Tuning your VE table according to the fuel you use sounds the most logical option to me.

The normal way of dealing with this in an OE reflash application is to adjust the injector scaling to suit, however unless you're completely characterising the injectors, you're likely to still have some error that needs to be dealt with in the VE table. I'm not familiar with the e420c - Does it have a stoichiometric AFR setting? If so, this will get you close(ish) and then I'd make further changes in the VE table.

In this instance there really isn't a 'right' way to deal with what you're trying to do. I would be inclined to make changes in the VE table and accept he fact that the VE won't be representative of the real VE of the engine.

So Im running Xspurt 1000cc injectors

I dont believe it does have stoicmetric AFR setting, Its a fairly basic ecu, very old, Essentially only has your standard corrections (air temp, water temp, etc) for fuelling and ignition, Has a ve table and ignition table but thats about it.

So would it best to change the input to of the injector size from 1000cc down to 800cc then play with the fuel table from there?

Yes, drop the injector size so you can get it idling at or close to 1 lambda and make changes to the VE table form there to get the AFR you want over the entire operating range. For 1000cc injectors you will likely have to drop it lower than 800cc.

Matty have you got the latest firmware in your Adaptronic? if you haven't I suggest you do that and also get the latest tuning suite for the 420 ECU. Once you have done that you may find they do have the ability to tune via lambda. It has been a while since I tuned one and yes they were basic but more features have been added since I last did one (10 years now).

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