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Evaporative Emission System

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This forum topic is to discuss EVAP systems for both boosted and non boosted engines.

Is there something specific you'd like to know?

Hi Andre,

I want to know specifically about purge (EVAP) connections for boosted and naturally aspirated engines:

For naturally aspirated engines:

Purge is under vacuum hence purge connection is at intake manifold. Is there a specific location such as throttle outlet pipe for this?

For boosted engines:

There are three connections to allow purge under vacuum and boost

1) Compressor inlet (Between air filter and compressor)

2)Between compressor outlet and throttle. What is preferred or more common in your experience? At inter cooler inlet or outlet?

Connections 1 and 2 above are used for purge under boost

3)Connection at intake manifold similar to naturally aspirated for purge under vacuum

In addition I want to know possible methods of identifying fuel injection quantity through purge during vehicle operation and compensate for injection through injectors to prevent rich AFR. Is HC sensor a common method?



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