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I have a though and I want your opinion for a turbo engine. There isn't something to protect the engine if the pipe to MAP sensor for someone reason fault and the map read only 101kpa (atmosheric pressure). the engine continue to rev if we are to boost area of map and it will start working to lean condition because the real MAP is 150kpa and the ecu read atmosheric pressure. If we use a virtual Aux with condition RPM>4000rpm , TPS>90% , MAP

While I understand your concern, in reality this is almost never a issue. What we will find is that if the hose pops off the MAP sensor under moderate boost, the fuelling will be reduced so much that the engine will actually cut due to a lean misfire. In your example at 150 kPa the ECU will be adding at least 50% more fuel compared to what was being provided at 100 kPa due to the background fuel calc (load = MAP). If you now remove that same amount of fuel the AFR will be so lean that the engine simply won't run.

Thanks you Adam, This exactly I mean.

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