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Flat foot shifting using ignition cut hold rpm

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Can we have a webinar showing how flat foot shifting is done using ignition cut to hold rpm. I think i saw a youtube video from real street using somekind of sensor on the gear lever to let ecu know its shifting. I thought that was very interesting if we can have a live webinar demonstrating and setting the ecu up for this.

With a manual gearbox you just need a switch on the clutch pedal. (the same kind used on the brake pedal for the lights)

When the switch is ON, the ignition is cut (= the RPM drop) to give you the time to shift.

Honestly I think Flat Shift alone would be a very short webinar.

Might as well ask for other features (like ALS)

Yea ALS would be cool too i just never seen one setup so hoping he can do a live demonstration to get a idea how that works,

It is a pretty simple feature to be honest. You can trigger flat shifting off a clutch switch and essentially it's just an rpm limit that is active while the clutch is disengaged. Normally you would set the rpm limit somewhere near the rpm the engine will end up at in the next gear.

If you're using a dog engagement gearbox then you don't need the clutch to shift so in this instance often the shifting will be achieved with a strain gauge gear lever to request an ignition cut event to let the box change gear.

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