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As I was watching the fuel table resolution webinar (LINK ECU) it had some glitches and couldn't get the math equation for when we alter the resolution for my tune not to get affected . Could you please post it ?

If you make a change change to the master injector pulsewidth, simply make the inverse change to the main fuel table and this will have the engine running with the same air fuel ratio. For example if you double the master pulse width (multiply by 2), highlight the entire fuel table and multiply by the inverse of 2 which is 1/2 or 0.5.

Thank you for the info . Will it be needed to do so on untuned vehicle , that we have just loaded a base map and we are starting to tune the car ? Can we set up the resolution and go from there and start tuning or set the resolution , adjust the main fuel table and then start the tune ?

I think I covered this in the webinar, however you don't need to have the master pulse width perfectly dialled in when you first start tuning. You can take a rough guess at what the master injector pulse width will need to be based on injector size and expected engine power, but generally I'll adjust this as I'm tuning to get the resolution where I'd like it to be.

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