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Haltech IGN1A settings

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Just want to make sure I have this set up correctly before i ruin my coils again. Thanks in advance.

03 evo 8 4g63 4 cylinder haltech 2000 ign1a

direct fire ?

falling edge

constant charge

these are my settings and I’m trying to figure out how to set my dwell time. I know it’s 4.5ms max but the dwell time table shows different voltages. Is it 4.5 at any voltage ?

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When running 1 coil per cylinder this is direct fire.

Settings look correct.

With the IGN1A Coils you can dwell them at a pretty vast range depending what you want for spark strength/ current

I generally run them at 6A so they create a good spark without getting hot. You will also want dwell to increase at lower voltages and decrease at higher voltages.

For 6A I run them at

6v = 12ms

8v = 7.2ms

10 = 5.2ms

12= 4.4ms

14v = 3.4ms

16v = 2.9ms

18v = 2.7ms

Thank you this helped me a lot. Here’s what I have so far. Attached.

what do you mean by 6A ? Where can I find this to check what mine are at ?

Thank you.

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6A (amps) is referring to the primary winding current. How much current is drawn in the coil primary winding during dwell.

I would remove the load axis and run voltage only. 5ms at vacuum is too high and not needed

If you're running at 4.5ms at 14v that is around 7.5Amps. I would run them like this if the spark strength was required. Just means they work a littler harder and hotter.

If it is not a massively powered engine and lots of boost I would use the attached values

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Thank you for explaining that. I have a fully built steel rod motor with a precision 6466 that I hope to max out. I thought I would need these settings but if my setup doesn’t require that much I’d be happy to take your advice and turn down.

If you find you have a misfire then increase whole table by .5ms at a time until it is gone (you could go up around 1.5ms). You can also sometimes see slight power gains if you run the coil harder, this needs to be tested on the dyno.

However, I have tuned 600kw Evos on 35psi on these dwell settings without an issue, providing good power and earth wiring.

Thank you ile switch to your settings and use the .5 rule. Ile check back here with results as soon as my coils come in.