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Helper Spring Guidelines?

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Hey guys,

I'm currently building a FFR GTM Supercar and finally dropped it on the ground for the first time a few weeks back. After playing around with ride height a bit, it's clear that I'll have a little less than an inch of gap between my spring and the top collar of my coil overs. Is there a rule of thump for the size and spring rate of a helper spring to take up this small of a gap? Thanks in advance.


Hi Sean,

The only rules I've followed here are that it fits the collars well radially and is long enough in its free length to take up the space. After that my preference is on the slightly stiffer side, just to make me feel more comfortable that the spring will stay seated on the coilover collars well when the suspension is fully extended and everything is shaking/jumping around on track.

When I say stiffer, I'm still talking about a huge amount softer than the main spring and will be easily fully compressed by the vehicles weight at static ride height.

Awesome, thank for the quick reply. I'll need to pull everything apart to measure and get some parts on order.

No problem, that's what we're here for! Let us know how you get on and what you go with.

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