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How to ground shielded wire?

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Hey everyone, I am building a harness for a car of mine and it has 2 connectors on the ecu. I purchased the flying lead for one of them that already is wired as it should be but for the other plug I am going to terminate it myself as I only need 5 wires and don't want to spend another 250$ for 5 wires. I know the pins where I need to ground my shielded wire to, and I also know I only ground one end of the shielded wire. But could someone show me a picture of how I go about connecting the shield to the ecu pin if so I would greatly appreciate it!

I asked about this a while ago and was advised - run the wires you need through to the ECU as required - then ground the shielding on the ECU end only to the ECU signal ground pin and leave the other end of the shielding unconnected to anything else.

If you have a wire coming from your signal ground pin on the ecu - join the shielding to that as close to the ecu as you can while leaving wriggle room to do things later on.

For a wiring diagram that shows this - check the link "wiring diagram" on https://www.haltech.com/product/ht-151300-elite-2500-ecu/ and zoom in a few steps on the pdf and check the knock sensor wiring on the second header for ideas.

I hope this gives you some ideas towards solving your wiring question :)

thanks for the reply, from what I can tell is this the correct way to ground it?

1: ecu sensor ground pin, wire, solder heat shrink, shield wire

2: ecu sensor ground pin, wire, crimp, shield wire

3: ecu sensor ground pin, shield wire

and if neither of these methods is correct what is the correct order?

Check this photo of the latest mspaint_ecu wiring diagram that I just took

This is how I wired up my knock sensor to my ecu - I dont have crimp tools so i had to use solder. Much as i really wanted to "do it right", i didnt have the tooling for wire crimps. They are "on the list" of things to add to my collection of tools tho for future and i'll redo things at that stage.

Both the blue and the green wires run inside the shielding that completely encloses them

There is an electrical connection between the shield and the sensor ground wire and the signal ground pin at the ecu end

There is no electrical connection between the shielding and the sensor or anything else

In my case there is a solder connection where the shield tail joined to the sensor ground wire and then they both connect to the wire coming from the signal ground pin on the ecu

And as all the wiring people on here would say - this is not best practice for wire joins for ecu wiring as if there is wire flex in the area, the join will eventually have a mechanical failure and break - so eventually when I have the wire joiners and crimping tool for them - I will be redoing this. I expect the solder join to last until then easily and then some.

Until the join mechanically fails, the solder join is as good as the crimp join would be in electrical terms.

I hope this is a bit easier to imagine now the photo of the mspaint_ecu has been added :D


ok awesome so then it sounds like I set it up like it is in number 2 of how I described. I do have tooling required to do crimping just was not sure if this was the best method for the shielding.

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