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I Need to use PLM OVER CAN in motec M1

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in the motec m800 i use plm over can and iam sharing the 2 wire of the plm on the hi and low can wire in the m800

how to use this in the motec m 1??

i try to do it but i think its different than m800

i hope to know this

You can use a PLM with the M1 in much the same way. You need to connect the PLM to one of the CAN buses on the M1, make sure that the CAN bus is enabled and the bus speed matches the PLM and then set up the lambda input in M1 Tune. You can find this under 'Lambda Single'. Enable the mode, select 'PLM' as the type, and the CAN bus that you've connected to.

Thank you Andre

i try this yesterday but i couldn't

i fix the low and high can B17 +B18 AS WELL and i make all adjustment as you say but its not work on ecu some tuner inform me maybe its need resister 100 on the wire but i dont try that

i will try that again today will see

You will need to follow normal practice for wiring a CAN bus. This includes a terminating resistor at one or both ends of the bus and the pair of wires must be twisted. You'll find recommendations on CAN bus construction in both your M800 and PLM manuals.

Mr Andre

in fact its not m800

iam trying to use it at M130 ECU as my experience i shoul to connect the motec plm with the ecu from 2 point

in the motec plm i should use auxiliary output nu 1 and nu 5 ( its the high and low can ) as the manual to m130 wiring on (b17 +b18) thats it

i use the resistor 100 ohm still not working and the wire is twisted already

maybe i have some wrong on my file ?????

Did you enable and set the correct bus speed the M1? This is done with "CAN Bus 1 Mode" (In M1 Tune, use Initial Setup->All Calibrate, tick the Setup tag, and search for "CAN Bus 1 Mode").

yes Mr David

i choose as you say with 1mb speed still no way to work with me :(

Have you used CAN Inspector when connected to the M1 to see if there is any CAN traffic? Did you try swapping CAN Hi & CAN Lo? (it's easy to get this wrong). Does the PLM work when connected to your M800?

Why is the MoTeC dealer you purchased the equipment from not helping you?


what do you mean can inspector??

i swap the hi and lo many time nothing change

yes when i connected to m800 or m600 or m84 work perfectly

Why is the MoTeC dealer you purchased the equipment from not helping you? LoOoOoOoOL no one help you with this issues : )

Sorry, I do not have time for remote debugging.

Can you post up your M1 calibration here so I can take a look please.