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Thanks for the Ignition Lead webinar!

Question1: The wire in the spiral core seems to have a coating. Is this some sort of a ferrite coating? If I crimp a terminal on each end of about 2 feet of wire I get a resistance of about 6-8K Ohms. Is this normal?

Question2: When I push a terminal onto an HEI post, the terminal is fairly loose on the post Is this normal?


Hi Norm. What is the lead material you're using? I can't speak for other manufacturers but the MSD lead material we used in the webinar measures about 800 ohms resistance.

No, the terminal should be a tight fit on the HEI post and should require a little force to install.

Thanks Andre, the lead wire is from a company called Kingsborne (I don't know who makes the cable for them). I'm really not happy with the fit of the terminal on the posts. I'm going to look at MSD instead. Thanks for your great seminars and I appreciate you responding to me.