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So I watched this video and went out to find the dead times for my injectors and tried to contact Bosch for it but they could not give me the info so internet was my friend and found it should be the same settings as Titan motorsports injectors so i changed my setup which was working good. now i can not get car to start without touching the gas. its to much fuel while cranking but i can not take out anymore fuel. i am using AEM V1 ecu. i can get ca to start from very cold but once it is a little warm i have to hit the gas pedal to get it to start. when the car is warm the car seems to respond to the injectors better than before but cant get that reliable start that i use to have. and these are the injectors you were comparing to ID at PRI.

That sounds like an unusual situation and i'm not too sure what to make of it. It doesn't help that it's been a long time since I dealt with the AEM series 1 and I'm not super familiar with their control during cranking/starting.

The dead time values once correctly configured will tend to increase fuel delivery at cranking as the battery voltage inevitably is reduced due to the starter motor draw. This increases the injector deadtime which once properly compensated for will result in a larger pulse width being delivered to the injector. You should however be able to accommodate the required fuel reduction during cranking or post start.

you would think i could, i have taken out the fuel in all comp that deal with cranking an in the map area where it cranks as well but still to much fuel, i have not messed with the dead time in the area of batt volt of cranking yet but maybe i will try that.

Andre, on this same webinar you noted how undesirable the bosch 160# injectors are for many reasons that were proven in testing by the data we looked at. By chance is this the same beast you are talking about or is this something different?

No, those injectors are actually a Rochester brand. They have their own set of issues that make them undesirable. Basically both the Indy Blues and the Rochesters are injectors with 20 year old technology. You would do well to step up to a modern EV14 based injector. I assure you that you won't regret it :)

Thanks for the info, and i agree about the ev14. This was a customers car I tuned that had these injectors -a large NA engine- and found some funny things at low pulse widths, not really a fan of these injectors for a few reasons. Curious your thoughts on the seimens deka injectors....? There seems to be some decent data provided on those injectors that I have found

I've had little to do with the Siemens injectors however the results I have seen are great. The only potential downside is that they are low impedance and hence require a peak & hold injector driver. Not all ECUs are equipped with these.