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Is there a turbo specific course?

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I would take that course in a heart beat.

How does one rebuild a turbo?

I'm trying to figure out the differences in how turbos are sized?

the different flanges?

How PSI relates to horsepower for different turbos across RPMS, engines etc etc.

How do you pick impellers and exhaust propellers when rebuilding? What calculations are needed here?

How does exhaust size impact things? How does intake piping diameter impact things?

How do you swap internal waste gate springs?

What are the different parts of a turbo called, I just learned that the outside is called a "Discharge flange" ... and I thought had a t3 cause they look like gummy bears but it was NOT a t3..

etc etc

Hi Ryan, we're actually working on a turbo course that would answer most of your questions but that is still a little way off sorry. In the mean time these two webinars will help:



Thank you for this Andre,

Looking forward to the Turbo course!

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