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Hello ,

I am watching the webinars in regards of Knock Control. It might come by as a "stupid" question but I am going to ask it anyway :D . Following the steps of the webinar I set up everyhting and then use my audio knock control to listen for knock . But let's say I am using a Bosch knock sensor for my audio but my car uses some other brand with another plug in . I install the Bosch sensor where the oe sensor is , or somewhere similar . Know what I want to know is that my audio knock sensor is connected to the Bosch knock sensor and I might have unplugged the oe knock sensor (If I install it where the oe was installed) how does the ecu know that I have the knock sensor ? After I finish with the tune and re-install the oe knock sensor will the same settings apply ?

If I have mounted somewhere else my knock sensor for audio knock and the oe knock sensor is connected do I have to change the input in the ecu settings ?

I am a little bit lost in this matter and I do not know if I might do something wrong .

Thank you

If you're using audio knock detection to validate a knock control strategy in the ECU then you need to add the knock audio system as an additional sensor. This won't work if you remove the factory sensor during tuning because you won't be getting a signal to the ECU. I know that Adaptronic make it possible to plug headphones into the ECU to listen to the audio knock signal the ECU is receiving and hence allowing a single sensor to be utilised but unfortunately this isn't common.

Thank you for the info . I would also like to ask for example let's say I am using a standalone pnp ECU which doesn't already have an analog input for the knock sensor . I assign the input make sure that the wires are wired correctly , I set up the knock control set up similar to video . Is there anything else that I need to do ? For example when you are using the PNP Link Ecu and from a Narrowband O2 go to a Wideband I have to set up and assign a calibration (If I am not mistaken) . Does this also apply for the knock (Factory or Aftermarket) .

First of all the knock sensor will be wired to a dedicated knock input and it's not a generic analogue voltage input. On this basis the ECU is simply receiving a voltage signal from the sensor in proportion to the vibration it's experiencing. The setup involves calibrating the knock frequency and the background noise threshold to detect knock, along with setting the gain/retard parameters so the ECU can correctly deal with knock and eliminate it.

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