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Dear Andre/Ben

I want to ask you, your opinion about Knock monitor . I want to buy one but I don't know which is better or if it is doing the same job , the knock monitor from PLEX and LINK . I watch the webinar for plex knock, but I don't have the oportunite to used it anyone of them. Also if a car have an ecu with knock sensor why it is impotant to have and knock monitor?

Thanks you about your time

Best regard,

Petros MS

The Plex Knock Monitor and the Link G4+ Knock Block are both excellent products and I've used both extensively. They have vastly different capabilities though and vastly different price points. The Plex is much more complete, provides a visual indication of knock, allows individual cylinder knock monitoring and interfacing with an ECU/dyno etc. The Link on the other hand is a more basic product with no graphical output and no adjustable signal processing. I'd base your decision on how much you are prepared to spend. You won't be disappointed with either product.

Even if your ECU has onboard knock control, it's still beneficial to use the above products to help tune the knock control system and ensure it is correctly tuned.

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