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Link G4 / ViPEC iSeries new VE Fuel Model Explained question?

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This is to piggyback off the VE tuning in the webinar. I see in the lambda target table that I can change the Y axis to TP(main). Will the VE model still work using the TPS as the main load for commanded fuel and use the MAP for the main fuel table. This ecu has me very itnerested now that it does VE modeling, and has short pulse width adder. thinking about finding a vipec i44 to use and dump my ms2 pcb v3

Andre witch wide band brand have you use on that setup to measure the actual afr true the link software.

Yes you can use TPS as the load axis for the AFR target table. This is just a multiplier based off the 'actual AFR/target AFR' equation.

Our dyno uses a MoTeC PLM for lambda measurement.

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