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M150 Toyota 86 Fuel Film

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Hello guys..

I really need to learn step by step to tune the fuel film on both primary and secondary

As i am using both injectors on my 86 package

Contribution main is exactly like stock vehicle which is the secondary are between 30-35% at lower rpm up to 3200

The 100% DI untill 5200rpm up.. the PI come back on and took 20% contribution

For guys who has the stock map from their car with ecuflash or brzedit or ecutek.. they know what im talking about.

Now.. my car fuel map tuned perfectly on dyno.. but when i migrate the data for fuel film for both primary and secondary from the original package.. i have run v1 v2 v3 v4 and now v5 packages of 86 plug in.

I can feel the car is like bogging with too many fuel when i just open throttle slightly.. especially during 1000-2000 rpm on cruising.

When i put zero on the DI the car is running smoothly.

Do i have to keep the Primary film off ?


The fuel film does require some tweaking, particularly on the 86. Understandably with direct injectors we don't have the same issues with fuel film formation that we get with port injectors so the requirements for transient fuelling changes are dramatically different. The actual process of setting each individual parameter of the fuel film is very cumbersome in my opinion and I suspect perhaps 1% of tuners are doing it. If you want to do it then the process is detailed in the help file but you'll need to be on a dyno and have plenty of time available. The other 99% of tuners will just adjust the overall fuel film scale - Reducing this reduces the amount of enrichment/enleanment that occurs. I'd suggest watching this webinar - https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/110-fuel-film-quick-set-up-motec-m1/

I did watched the seminar.

It seems to me that you only deal with the secondary one.

So the DI wont have to alter then ?

Most of the time the base numbers in the Fuel Film setup will give a very good result, and to get the Fuel Film working well you will only need the Fuel Film Scale to be moved to add or remove fuel from the transient response.

Yes i did it.. working at 100% scanee on my side on the DI and pi i leave the ssame as base package

Just want to know wether i need to do both checking or not.

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