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mainline dyno can communication

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Hi Andre,

I am using a motec m130 and using a c125 dash. I am using a mainline dyno 2wd600p which has the can integration function and would like to know how do I connect the dyno and the ecu or dash can communications to the dyno? this question is hardware specific such as wiring and any specific cables I need to use? thank you.

Our dyno was supplied with a USB-CAN adaptor so all I needed to do was make an adaptor cable with a D9 serial connector at one end to mate to the USB-CAN unit. The other end I terminated in a DTM connector so I can easily make other adaptors for different ECUs if required. For our two development cars I've added an XLR connector in the dash so I just have a short DTM to XLR adaptor for the dyno CAN cable and then just plug into the dash - Job done. From there I just connect to the CAN bus on the ECU. You'll need to watch normal practice for CAN bus terminating resistors when you build this adaptor.

The Mainline dyno has a receive template for the M1 so you just need to select this and you should be good to go. You can do reverse communications and send dyno data back to the ECU but you'd need a dev licence to actually display this in M1 Tune. You could however bring this data into the dash if desired. The dyno emulates an E888 expander and sends the data on several of the E888 analogue channels.

did you mean a db9 serial connector? could you provide a wiring diagram on making the adapter cable please? could i back pin the dtm connector that runs to my c125 dash for access to the can hi and can lo wires?

Yes I had meant to type DB9 :)

The wiring diagram for the Lawicel CAN-USB adaptor is here:

Yes, you should be able to adapt the dyno into the CAN connector running to the back of the dash. You will just need to confirm the location of the terminating resistors currently fitted.

Thanks Andre. I see there are only 3 wires i need to wire in ,but what is a can ground? what are can nodes? is the can ground required? I figured it was powered by the usb port and I thought i would only have to wire up can hi and can lo as long as the terminating resistors are in the correct locations. thank you

Hi Luke,

You should only need to wire in the CAN Hi and Lo for the adaptor to communicate, the CAN_GND is used for shielded cable.

A CAN Node is the device that is connected to the CAN Bus, such as the Dash and ECU.

You don't need to worry about the ground - Just CAN Hi and CAN Lo.

Hi guys,

Thank you for all the information and advice.