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Mainline to ecu connection

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Hi there

In the webinar you showed a glimpse of the wiring from the ecu to the dyno

Can you please post more pics and details of this wiring

I just got my dyno and would like to do the same


In order to use the CAN interface you will need the appropriate software options enabled in the dyno and you will need a USB to CAN adaptor. My suggestion is that you get in touch with Todd or Craig from Mainline as they will be able to set up to suit and supply the necessary CAN interface. From here the wiring is simply a 2 wire CAN bus consisting of CAN high and CAN low. Due to the length of the resulting CAN bus you will need a terminating resistor at the USB to CAN adaptor in the dyno too.

hi guys, i would like to purchase a dyno 4WD myself, would i have to be trained in the installation, setting up operations and using it from the suppler ? how did you guys go about this process? whats your thoughts (im just starting out as a new tune in this field and my experience is limited)


Hey SpiceMan, I'd recommend giving Todd or Craig at Mainline a call. They will be able to advise what options are available for training. I know that Todd travels quite a lot to train owners on their new dyno installations. What you will need in the way of training will also depend on how much dyno experience you already have, as well as how advanced your usage will be.