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Which management is the best to use for my Subaru Build ( Haltech Elite550 Or AEM EMS4)?

Hi Niven,

There is no right or wrong answer here. It depends on many factors and which ecu is best suited to your requirements.

Things like, what features do yo require, what cost are you wanting to spend, what is the vehicle being used for.

Picking an ECU and be a daunting task but can also be a pretty exciting time. I would write down what you want to achieve from your build, what features you require (IE Flex fuel, antilag, ethrotle etc) then download the features of both ecu. Compare them to each other then also do some internet searches and forum reading.

Unsure if you have seen this but check out this webinar


Good advice, depending on your technical skills, I would add whether either has a suitable plug-and-play harness, or adaptor, to simplify the install.

Yeah Man , You really didnt give enough details on your car.