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Where can I purchase good quality road mapping equipment??

Hi suhk_sian,

I personally use Innovate Motorsports LM2 and Plex Knock Monitor, and I'm really happy with those. They both have a local display, plus USB-interface to a computer.


Thanks and how can I purchase this equipment and from where?

You can request a quote from Plex here:

The Innovate LM2 is sold by a wide range of resellers and you may be able to find someone local. Alternatively you can buy direct from Innovate -

Thanks for the reply Andre.

Andre I am looking for als and launch control rom for both Subaru and Mitsubishi which supports ecuedit and tactrix open port?

Also I am looking for mapping software for Toyota cars including land cruiser diesel?

There are various patched rom files that incorporate launch control in the mitsubishi range. I've never really looked into this on the Subaru platform though. I'm also not aware of any patches that provide antilag strategies sorry.

As for Toyota tuning, there doesn't seem to be a lot of support for reflashing and I can't help you here sorry.