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Open loop lambda table

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In one of the webinars it is mentioned of the open loop lambda table that Link G4+ offers . It is stated that we can have that either on or off but we shouldn't change to the other option after the tune . If we choose to have it on off do we still have to set up the AFR/lambda target table ? Cause in the logging it has afr target to have a comparison .

Also if I set it up and see that my actual afr and the afr table are different with better results from the the actual afr , should I set up the afr table to that of my best afr result ?

The open loop table will affect the injector pulse width being delivered if it's turned on. That's why you're advised not to change the setting after the engine is tuned. If you leave it off (which is my preference), you can still set the desired AFR target. This can be used in your logging as a reference but also is essential if you're using closed loop lambda.

The idea behind the open loop AFR table is that you should tune the main fuel table until your actual AFR matches the target. In this case there shouldn't be any real error. Of course you can always move the AFR rich and lean to see where you're making best power and if the open loop AFR table is off, I'd adjust your targets to suit.

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