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Thank you Zac for your quick and very informative reply. To be honest, I am an electrical and computer engineer and I have used oscilloscope in university (they were pretty old) but we didnt get into details. I have used it on some electronic parts. Never for automotive purposes. I will try to order an oscilloscope because I am facing a serious problem with and SM4. Autronic told me to check voltages on ignition outputs with an oscilloscope ( I think that you replied on this issue as well). I think I have to invest some money on an oscilloscope else I wont be able to sovle the problem. Thank you again. I will post some pictures for some advice when oscilloscope arrives

Zac I have found this one (in addition to the oscilloscope that you have sent me which allows 4 channels):


If I pick 10 MHz and 2 channels on the pico oscilloscope price is very good to start with (120 euros).

On this: https://bit.ly/2t77GVB

price is around 130 euros but it has 4 channels, 8Mhz and 80vpp cables (400vpp are bought seperately but I dont think I need them as well)

What would you choose between the 2? I think both can cover my needs to start messing with oscilloscope and to try to solve the issues that I have with autronic sm4

G'day Vas.

For automotive work, (excluding network communication stuff, CANBus, etc), a 10Mhz scope will be fine. The unit you've linked to there will get the job done, but once you start using it and seeing how handy they are to have around the shop, you'll want more features. If possible, I'd stretch to the 25MHz 4 channel model.

The handheld model you've linked looks great, but I haven't read many good reviews. These reviews were from an electronics perspective though, and I have a suspicion that for automotive work, they'd be fine. I cant confidently comment though, as I haven't used one personally, but I think for the price, they are worth a try.

Between the two, I'd choose the picoscope, as I know they're a great unit.

G'day Zac,

I really appreciate your time and your valuable reply :) Yes I believe picoscope will be a good purchase because I can save data in PC as well and study them. As a novice, it would be helpful to take my time to check the graphs. I will probably proceed with the picoscope.

Thank you very much

+1 for Picoscope

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