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PID control

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Hi all,

Can someone point me to the best webinar to look at that goes over PID control in general and tips on how to approach tuning a system controlled using PID?

I did a search and seeing one using motec ECU, is this the only/best one to look at or is there another?


What are you trying to control? How to you measure the result?

Inlet Cam, using cam position determined by ECU?

Wastegate, using boost pressure sensor?

Traction Slip, using slip calculated from driven and non-driven wheels?

Drive-by-wire Throttle, using multiple TPS sensors?

Lambda control, using wideband lambda output?

If you want a webinar -- it would seem that knowing what tools you were trying to use would be helpful. What ECU or control system are you using?

I would say there are many more non-EFI related articles on PID control and how to tune them --- almost all of them depend on being able to make a step change in the target and seeing how the system responds. You incrementally make changes to get the system to follow the target.

It's going to be applied to variable cam control and closed loop fuel control on a haltech elite 1500.

This might sound strange but we actually cover PID control algorithms in depth in our boost control tuning course. There's a thorough explanation of what the different gains do, how they interact, and we offer a step by step approach to tuning a PID setup. As David has mentioned, this involves holding the system in steady state, requesting a change, and then seeing how well the system tracks your request.

While this is based around boost control, the actual intricacies of the PID control algorithm remain the same across any closed loop system. If you're interested you can check it out here: https://www.hpacademy.com/dashboard/courses/boost-control

Thanks Andre!

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