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Plex knock monitor on Honda b series

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Hope Andre or anyone with plex knock monitor experienced with honda b series can chime in, I bought the Plex v2 knock detector and watched the webinar Andre made for setting up the unit. I found the location Andre mentioned in the head above the intake cam side. I went ahead and install the sensor and power lead.

I tried to get the individual cylinder detection but can't find the ignition #1 at the ecu, only the control module pin. So I tapped the plex rpm signal cable to an injector output on the ecu, so I have only rpm reference on all cylinders and would like to have complete info from each cylinder for better tuning.

Also the knock count keeps adding continuously none stop, I selected the basic rpm trigger choose the proper bore frequency as illustrated on the webinar but knock is counting when idle none stop

Hope you guys can point me to the right direction to get this going

Thanks in advance

With a Honda B series engine in stock form you have a distributor so there is no 'ignition #1' output so to speak. You can however use the injector trigger for #1 cylinder instead.

If the knock count is continually increasing then this will be because you haven't set the knock threshold vs rpm yet. Once you lift the knock threshold above the background engine noise level this will stop.

Let me know if you continue to have trouble.

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