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I would like to suggest to have a practical Ref/Sync Webinar.

There is a lot of material over the Internet, about how to do it, however all theoretical. But I have never found one practical, not even on MoTeC Webinar.

It would be a great subject on how to do it, with different types of crank and cam patterns (Including Variable Cam Sync) to see how is it properly tuned.

Some examples:

1) A Ref/Sync from a unknown car

2) How to replace an configure a Cam or Reference Wheel (In case an ECU aren't capable of controlling the current model)

3) How to properly configure a Variable Cam sensor

4) How to trim the voltage/filter tables accordingly, not too much or too low.


PS: I would love if you could share with the members some Tune Base Files and some Log Files... There's a lot to learn from a file specially from a live video.

Thanks for the suggestion. We have an 'Advanced Triggering' course planned for a little later this year which will cover the topics you are talking about and many more. A webinar however is a great idea.